Cyrun Story

Cyrun, headquartered in Santa Cruz, California, was founded in 1993 to develop and market a state-of-the-art, Windows-based integrated software system for public safety organizations. Privately funded, Cyrun’s principals bring a combined 60+ years of experience in executive management, operations, software-systems development, and 20 years in law enforcement to the enterprise. Cyrun’s mission is to create a new generation of software products with unprecedented usability and performance, backed by top quality support services, for the law enforcement computer software market.

Alliance PD Central is currently deployed in mission-critical dispatch environments throughout the western United States. Cyrun’s staff worked closely with numerous police agencies both in identifying the fundamental problems inherent with current CAD/RMS systems and in examining the information workflow process of typical departments. Using the most modern programming tools available, unconstrained by any legacy systems to support, our design team took a different approach to solving the crisis public safety departments face in tracking, analyzing, and reporting incident information. Cyrun’s fresh perspective has resulted in a flexible, high-performance, easy-to-use system that aids law enforcement agencies in realizing several important goals:

  • Protect officers’ lives with high quality, real-time alert information
  • Enable more crimes to be solved through intelligent cross-relation of facts
  • Eliminate redundancy of data entry throughout the department
  • Reduce officer report-writing time, allowing for more hours on patrol
  • Reduce the paperwork load to make stressful jobs easier
  • Reduce preparation time and increase accuracy of reports and statistics produced for local, state, and federal offices
  • Provide capacity and capabilities for future growth without proportionate increases in staffing