Fire CAD

Cyrun’s CAD system provides fire dispatch tools that incorporates unit recommendation based on call type and location, Must Cover fire stations as well as Resource Ordering assessment. Cyrun’s system also integrates into Firehouse, Zoll and other Fire RMS systems.

Unit Recommendation
The Unit Recommendation system can recommend police, fire, or EMS units based on the call type, location and the proximity of the unit to the call for service. Each unit is treated as a toolbox with a primary purpose along with an unlimited number of additional capabilities. These attributes can be predefined in the system configuration forms or a capability that can be added or removed on the fly during the dispatch process.

Once a location is entered and an incident type is selected, ALLIANCE will then look for the closest unit(s) that meets the requirements of that call. The system may substitute one type of unit for another if that unit is closer and or has the required capability. As an example, if a call type, say a structure fire, required a type 2 engine and a water tender but there were no water tenders available, the system would look for another unit that had the capabilities of a water tender. If ALLIANCE found another Type II engine that was closer to the incident than the closest water tender, the system would recommend that Type II engine because it has the capabilities of the water tender.

Resource Ordering and Must Cover
If the requested units are unavailable, the requests will go into a resource ordering queue. If the requested unit came from a must cover station, the system will recommend a replacement unit to fulfil that must cover need.