School (K-12) Safety & Security Software


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Cyrun's Software for School Security provides a complete and integrated Security Management system.  Designed by law enforcement personnel, it enables the school or district to handle day to day operations as well as major events as they occur.

Cyrun's Software for School Security was designed to manage all public safety incidents and track all personnel activities across one or more campus environments.



  • Dispatch
  • Online Reporting Tool for Privacy/Anonymity
  • Data Sharing + Disaster Backup/Recovery
  • Visitor Management and Tracking
  • Banned persons
  • Security Management
  • Records Management
  • Alert Tracking and Paging
  • Records Management
  • Officer Report Writing Tools
  • Performance Management Tools
  • Security Analysis
  • Case Management
  • Property Tracking
  • Lost and Found
  • Personnel
  • Equipment Management
  • Internal E-Mail
  • .... and many more. Please Contact sales for updated comprehensive list.


  • Alert Tracking
  • Automatic Paging/Notifications
  • Barcoding
  • Case Management
  • Fraud Investigation
  • Incident Photographs
  • Property Management
  • Security Analysis
  • Employee Evaluations and Training Management
  • Equipment Management
  • Secure Internal e-mail
  • Mugshot Search Tools
  • Suspicious Persons Listings