Energy and Chemical Plant Management and Exploration

Every electrical generation and chemical plant is a potential target.

Daily (if not hourly) perimeter and door checks need to be performed to maintain a safe and secure environment. Cyrun’s systems can schedule and manage each due diligence activity creating a real-time log of all security actions.

Whenever a disaster happens your team must respond as if they are in the center of the storm and must find the resources to manage the event on their own for days if not weeks or longer.

Cyrun can help you put the pieces in place by implementing our proven Command and Control system in your security center. If your staff uses these tools to address day-to-day security needs, managing a much larger crisis will be a natural extension of their skills.

Many organizations have bi-annual crisis management training, but that is not enough. When disaster strikes, chaos will always rule unless each organization has a strong contingency plan, as well as a reliable and reliably staffed command and control system.