Property & Evidence Management

The Property and Evidence room module tracks all property and evidence handled by the police department.

Initial input of all property and evidence may either be performed by the reporting officer or the evidence room technician.

Once the information for each piece of property is entered, a chain of custody audit trail is generated automatically. The property and evidence module utilizes standard NCIC codes to enter items into the system. Serial number, status codes, UCR values, destruction and other notification dates are all tracked to each item after it is entered into the system.

The Property and Evidence Room module follows the same principles of single entry of data as the rest of the Alliance system. If an officer, in the process of generating a case report, enters a piece of property, the evidence technician will not need to re-enter that same piece of information. Conversely, if the evidence technician enters the information, the officer will not have to.

Bar Code

Bar Coding

Bar code readers interface directly into Alliance PD Central. Evidence and Equipment may be easily inventoried and tracked without typographical error. This will create detailed histories of each item allowing authorized system users to access up-to-the minute changes in status or location. This system greatly reduces the incidence of lost evidence and equipment.