Record Management System (RMS)

The Records Management system collects the information entered throughout Alliance. This system is then used for crime analysis, UCR and NIBRS reporting as well as providing hundreds of statistical and analytical reports.

Alliance PD Central offers a cutting-edge solution to the challenges of record keeping, including intelligible interfaces, sophisticated data-linking tools, and automatic E-mail report notification. The graphical custom reports interface allows users to develop new reports from existing data without having to learn a command-line database language.

  • Reduces Records input load by utilizing existing data from CAD and Officer Reports. Alliance PD Central automatically completes large portions of a crime report using data from both CAD and/or Officer Reports. Case UCR/NIBRS classifications are determined automatically from the incident type. If the reporting officer has submitted their report on-line using Alliance’s officer tools, records personnel need only verify the accuracy of crime classifications and report completeness. Virtually no extra data entry will be required. Records forms are designed to allow the sequence of information to flow logically, greatly reducing the learning time for new employees.
  • Checks the accuracy of data and avoids conflicting entries. Wherever possible, Alliance checks UCR/NIBRS classifications for consistency with other information generated for each case report (assaults with no victims, property crimes with no property, etc.). Users are notified when data entry is inconsistent or incomplete.
  • Offers complete audit trail before printing. When generating reports, users can easily backtrack through the list of cases appearing under each category, all the way to the full, underlying case data to verify that report filing is accurate and complete.