In the Alliance System, once the case report is written, it is immediately available for monthly UCR/NIBRS/Clery statistical reporting.

The Alliance system provides all required UCR/NIBRS/CLERY reports for state reporting purposes. It also manages additional crime types related to each case for internal department tracking and demographic analysis.

Monthly returns may be previewed prior to printing. If the Alliance compiler discovers any discrepancy in UCR/NIBRS/CLERY reported values during its preliminary error-checking procedure, it identifies them and notifies the operator. Additionally, if the results presented on the UCR/NIBRS/CLERY report do not seem correct, the user is able to tunnel into the data to determine which case reports are specifically connected to which statistical values. For instance, if twenty three knife cutting instruments are listed as reported and the records technician believes it should only be twenty, they may click on the number “23” on the report and be presented with a list of the case reports that directly contributed to that UCR value. The Records technician is then able to view a summary of these reports or move all the way to the case reports themselves to view the actual written reports. When records personnel have completed this task, they will return to the UCR report approval screen to complete the approval process. Similar functions are provided for NIBRS and CLERY reporting.