Although Alliance is by design an intuitive system, there are many unique and powerful features to learn. Training is especially important for those users new to computers or migrating from much older systems. Cyrun is committed to seeing that the department’s personnel learn to fully utilize all aspects of Alliance. Cyrun’s on-site training program employs both classroom training and personalized workplace coaching to ensure that department personnel master the system. Most users learn to use their portion of the system within four hours.

Classroom Training

Cyrun provides comprehensive training with every Alliance installation. Classroom training is divided into a series of training modules. Each module focuses on a different part of Alliance and is tailored to specific job functions within the police department. Personnel attend only those training modules which address the specific needs of their job.

Personalized Workplace Coaching

Clarifying and integrating classroom training into daily work activities is an essential component of any successful training program. During initial project implementation, Cyrun provides personalized workplace coaching to assure user proficiency.

On-site Cyrun trainers coach department personnel individually and in small groups as they apply their classroom training to real daily departmental activities. Trainers respond to specific needs and issues as they arise, helping to reinforce skills, clarify concepts, and build user confidence.